NEIDRA has been fully committed to the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility policy which includes activities that directly advance social goals.

Based on NEIDRA’s corporate values and strategic objectives to the personal involvement of our people and, in general, activating wider social groups to actions during business daily practices, in order to manifest who we are, what we do and in which way we may meet our CSR vision "to transform a complex Strategic outsourcing services industry making it simple, humane, accessible and exciting". 

Our social participation extends to the indicative following areas: 


Creating positive impact on society, and an important part of this ambition is to reduce NEIDRA’s environmental impact. Addressing climate change by reducing emissions through improving energy efficiency, planning to source and use resources responsibly and improving waste management, ensuring the slowdown of resources and materials’ consumption at a faster rate than they are regenerated, so that future generations can also benefit from the same variety of resources and materials that current generation has access to. NEIDRA has established a paperless office and a practice of recycling of batteries, computers, cell phones and spare parts as well as paper, while our energy policy includes monitoring the use of physical resources.

Equal Opportunities

Caring for equal employment and career opportunities for both men and women in our business environment, we have achieved of a good percentage of women’s representation in all management areas. NEIDRA strives during daily work to uphold the highest ethical business standards and business practices, with respect for human and labour rights, while doing everything possible to promote and protect employees’ well-being and safety. NEIDRA we will never sacrifice its principles for the sake of short-term profit.