Tailor-Made Outsourcing Services

Tailor-made services ensure to carry out consistent problem definition, feasible selection of outsourcing and relevant know-how transfer.

NEIDRA has been streamlining its Strategic Outsourcing Services at Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Distributor (B2D) level committed to provide solid outcomes to its customers - through its Group’s subsidiaries and its Partners’ expert contribution - in the sectors of FMCG, ICT, Digital Marketing, and Wealth Management.

Small & Medium Organisations inherent disadvantage

If the Customer is a small or medium Company, it’s likely that apart from its core capacity in production, there is an inherent lack to cover the needs of managing people, processes, infrastructure, technology and extroversion that is needed to maximize successful operational performance when it comes to sales.

What if It Doesn’t Work? - The trade-off between in-sourcing vs. outsourcing for sales increase

It’s rational to worry about whether outsourcing will work for your organization. The good thing is that there is no long-term commitment. If you find that it isn’t working out with your outsourced partner after a few months, simply review why and end the relationship. Successful engagements can be ascertained and reached within three to six months being on comntinuous monitoring. For many types of sales, it can happen much sooner.

It’s far easier, and more cost effective, to work with an outsourced partner that can pivot on a dime instead of you committing to a huge investment in personnel.

Even though if the Customer feels that its organisation can be better at sales by outsourcing inside sales function, there always may be something holding the main decision back. The world of sales is changing, and most organisations are having a hard time keeping up. It can be tremendously helpful to have a partner which understands Customer’s inherent potential and has the experience, and infrastructure in place that are necessary to start-off a successful revenue increase project.

Lack of Expertise

In addition to these three factors, there may be always the lack of expertise. Let’s imagine that your organization is a small tech company. Everyone there knows their aims and objectives, they know each other and their products but just when it comes to the tech side. However, no one really knows the sales side. A Customer that has built a product with no one there who can effectively sell it, encounters the fundamental problem of early “burn-out”. This single reality can determine the success or failure of the Customer’s business future.