Value Proposition

Our value proposition considers and encompasses: Revenue Generation - Strategic Thinking - Strict Approach

NEIDRA treats its Customers along a disciplined Development Lifecycle uncovering and mutually understanding their strategic objectives and how Outsourcing forms a Strategic and integral part of their business mission. In reality, successful outsourcing - and in particular, outsourcing that drives transformation and helps achieve broad strategic goals requires Companies to follow a disciplined process that keeps them focused on taking the right steps and making the right decisions.

Therefore NEIDRA’s Outsourcing Services may help their Customers’ achievements by strategic design and not by ad hoc actions. NEIDRA’s central mission is to assess and address the issue of all its Customers to possess Strategic Readiness and clear focus when they decide to move to Outsource specific tasks and being pragmatic in their further actions. The most crucial dimensions at that level are:

  1. Align the outsourcing strategy with the business strategy
  2. Smart-sizing the Outsourcing Services
  3. Building a Foundation leading to Outsourcing embracement
  4. Establishing a cohesive Relationship Management during an ongoing Outsourcing project, and
  5. Specify and follow a clear Performance Monitoring process

NEIDRA can contribute to its Customers at all levels in terms of Outsourcing, firstly by making clear that there is a full understanding of its Strategic orientation while it may effectively fathom into its special areas of engagement: FMCG Outsourcing Services, ICT Outsourcing Services, and Advisory Outsourcing Services.

NEIDRA’s Value Proposition is empowered by our Methodology, Approach and Focus on:

Revenue Generation - Strategic Thinking - Strict Approach

Strategic Outsourcing Services for Revenue Generation

Successful revenue generation increase is the cornerstone of Business Growth and requires effective and sustainable sales lifecycle projects. NEIDRA ‘s methodology is to deploy the best solutions, regardless of complexity, and make sales lifecycle simpler, fit to every local conditions and market’s particular attitude, provision of real time market’s insights, and prompt reviews of strategy into action.

Strategic Outsourcing Services via Strategic thinking

Strategic Outsourcing Services forms part of a mandatory umbrella methodology for applying meticulous tailor-made outsourcing plans in the real market producing economies of scale without ignoring the actual opportunities to gain further competitive advantage. Cost reduction is the primary factor, while further growth is the real objective.

Strategic Outsourcing Services via a Strict Approach

In reality, successful outsourcing initiatives succeed by meticulous design along specific dimensions that render the actual methodology steps of the outsourcing process implementable and profitable: proper sizing, foundation of the project’s factors, selecting the right partners, mutual aligning to the process milestones, and continuous monitoring.

The primary strategic drivers must focus on the right transformational approach leading to fast and solid results.